Most Popular Vinyl Fence Styles In Orange County


The way you design your home matters just as much on the outside as it does on the inside, so every homeowner should consider upgrading their property value and curbside appeal with an exterior addition or two. One of the most common and cost-effective ways to do this is by installing a vinyl fence. Not only are they affordable, but they are generally customizable with a wide range of colors and styles — especially when sourced from a quality local contractor like AG Vinyl Fencing!

In this article, we’ll review the four most common kinds of vinyl fence styles and share the primary aesthetic advantages that each can provide to your yard. For more information on eye-catching, budget-friendly property enhancement, please reach out to our team of professionals in Anaheim today! 

Closed Top Picket Vinyl Fences4 Vinyl Fence

This style of fencing offers a modern yet modest alternative to traditional picket fencing, characterized by symmetrical pickets distributed between even-height end rails. Their design is more open-concept than closed-door thanks to their panel layout, which allows passersby to see your lovely property just as clearly as you can keep an eye on the neighborhood ongoings. 

AG Vinyl Fencing offers several colors of vinyl fencing to our fantastic clients in Orange County: Maple, Tan, and White. These neutral hues can complement and enhance nearly any housing design, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance structure to add some pizzazz to your front or backyard, give us a call today.

Level Top Picket1 1 Vinyl Fence

Any property with a drive or a garden — or both! — is a viable candidate for the home improvement advantages afforded by a level-top picket vinyl fence, but nearly any building site can benefit from its assets. These vinyl structures typically range from three feet to four feet, but AG Vinyl can customize and tailor every fence build to meet your precise requirements. Unlike other fencing companies, we fabricate every fence in-house, saving clients significant amounts of money while maximizing the design of each and every structure to suit the unique needs of a given property. You can see our color options and view image galleries of previously completed level-top picket fence builds by visiting the official AG Vinyl website now. 

Scalloped Top Picket4 1 Vinyl Fence

For a classic yet unique outdoor look, you don’t need to look further than a scalloped-top picket vinyl fence from our trusted Anaheim fencing professionals. In contrast to a traditional picket fence, this scalloped style features a gradual wave-like pattern of slat size, your outdoor residence or commercial building will visually channel the mesmerizing tides of the Pacific, adding both curb appeal and resale value — all at minimal cost to you. Get a free quote on your future scalloped-topped picket fence by giving AG Vinyl Fencing a quick call today!

Privacy20200123 144020 Vinyl Fence

Even in a safe and community-oriented area like Anaheim, you may desire a bit of extra security for your home or place of business. A privacy-style vinyl fence is an excellent way to achieve this effect! You can rest assured that your personal property will remain secure with this style of build, which is not only low-maintenance but also lasts significantly longer than wood varieties. Whether you desire privacy to protect your domestic pets, your children, your garden, or all of the above, consider a privacy fence installation from AG Vinyl Fencing.

Add Property Value With A Fence From The Best Contractors In Orange County

If you have been considering selling your home or commercial lot in Orange County, this summer is a great time to get it ready for listing. The country is currently in a strong buyer’s market, so the addition of just a single property enhancement like a vinyl fence can set you up for a quick and successful sale, whether you’re situated in L.A. or Anaheim! Satisfied homeowners can also benefit from a scalloped-top, picket-top, or alternative fence style, both for personal security and curb appeal. Simply get in touch with a representative from AG Vinyl Fencing today to learn more about our customizable fence options. Call now to receive your complimentary quote!

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