Should You Choose Vinyl Patio Covers?

louvered top vinyl patio cover by A G Vinyl Fencing, contractors in Anaheim.

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Should You Choose Vinyl Patio Covers?

Here in Anaheim, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a shade structure for a property, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial office building. But no matter where you’re constructing or creating your ideal patio cover design, it’s worth considering vinyl as your main building material.

Why choose vinyl to construct your patio cover, or consider this durable design for your property’s outdoor living project? In this guide, we’ll uncover the biggest benefits of vinyl patio covers. Read on to discover all of the top advantages, and maybe by the end you’ll agree with us that when it comes to these superior vinyl structures, there’s no need to throw shade.

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1. Patio Covers In Every Color

The first topic on our list of vinyl patio cover perks: the colors! Maybe you’re not particularly picky about your pigments, but even the most outdoorsy individual can appreciate having a wide assortment of options when it comes to picking a hue for something that’s going to be permanent for at least a few years, if not decades. 

Vinyl patio covers come in a variety of aesthetically appealing colors, from the purest and brightest whites to more neutral hues such as beige, brown, and black. Depending on the mood you want to evoke in your outdoor living area, you’ll very likely be able to find a vinyl patio cover with a color option that suits your creative vision.

2. A Diversity of Durable Designs 

Vinyl patio covers are also appealing to many outdoor enthusiasts and porch-potatoes because they offer a diversity of design options — and because they’re all made from the same material, you can bet that they’ll be durable enough to withstand whatever weather patterns the West Coast encounters. You can learn more about specific styles of vinyl patio covers in our outdoor design guide here!

Here at A G Vinyl Fencing, we offer three primary designs of vinyl patio covers, as well as one-of-a-kind, custom creations to truly personalize your property.

  • Picket Top:  Whoever said that Americana decor has to be shorter than the height of a ceiling? With a picket top patio cover, the sky’s the limit! All the appeal of a picket fence, elevated! The perfect complement to a traditional vinyl picket fence around the yard.
  • Louvered Top: What if you could easily open and close your outdoor roof with the touch of a button? Well, with the motorized magic of a louvered patio cover, you sure can! Warning: Louvered top remotes are notorious for getting lost in patio furniture cushions.
  • Comfort Shade: Designed for maximum comfort and ultimate protection from the overhead elements, this thick-paneled design is a perfect patio cover for those who love to spend hours outdoors without fear of overheating — or burning to a crisp. 
  • Mixed & Custom: Like the name suggests, a custom vinyl patio cover either incorporates a mixture of design elements from the other primary templates, or you can craft and sculpt your vinyl veranda into a personalized creation of your choice! (Yes, that does include gazebos — thank you for asking.)

3. Easy to Clean, Effortless to Maintain

The business concept of “overhead” takes on a totally different meaning when placed outdoors — but that’s a darn good thing! Vinyl patio covers have little to no “overhead” when it comes to cleaning and structural maintenance. You can see for yourself just how simple it is to make your design squeaky clean in our vinyl maintenance guide here — like all of our blogs, it’s free to read or reference anytime.

So it’s easy to clean, what’s the big deal? With little to no maintenance needed, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your vinyl patio cover will withstand pretty much any blunt force trauma — vinyl is one of the only materials that consistently resists chips, scratches, and stains. In other words, it’s perfect for families with young kids — or very mischievous pets.

Need A Contractor To Cover Your Patio Project in Anaheim? Go With The Vinyl Virtuosos!

Despite the many options available in today’s outdoor living market, vinyl patio covers are quickly becoming one of the most popular and highly recommended forms of these sun-blocking backyard build-outs.

If you’re as convinced as we are that vinyl patio covers are the most superior option in outdoor living products, then be sure you get any necessary construction or installation services from a professional team. A G Vinyl Fencing has established a reputation as one of Orange County’s top-rated contractors for vinyl patio covers, as well as vinyl fences, gates, and more. 

If you’re ready to see just how beautiful your backyard can become, we hope you’ll call us and take advantage of a free quote on your outdoor living project — always complimentary, and always happily given, courtesy of our local pros here in Anaheim! 


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