Vinyl Patio Covers: Best Styles To Add Home Value

Picket top patio cover structure. Photo provided by A G Vinyl in Anaheim, California.

If you’re currently trying to sell your property, you can set yourself apart from competing lots by incorporating some aesthetic and functional outdoor amenities. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or a city-lover, you can greatly appreciate your home value and entice potential buyers by adding a patio cover to your exterior structure. 

In this article, you’ll find an overview of three popular patio cover styles that have been shown not only to enhance curb appeal, but also to elevate overall property value regardless of interior square footage. Whether you’re situated in Anaheim or elsewhere in Orange County, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by installing a patio cover to your outdoor living space. 

Sell your property sooner and take advantage of the current buyer’s market — consider a patio cover from the home improvement professionals at AG Vinyl Fencing in Anaheim.

Picket Top Patio Covers

Characterized by a timeless and wholesome style, the picket top design is a perfect option for patio covers that aim to embody an Americana vibe. At AG Vinyl, you can work with our Anaheim-based contractors to find a combination of vinyl planks that suits your desired overhead patio design. 

The picket top patio cover is perfect for those who love to garden, as well as individuals who prefer to relax on the weekend with a good book, enjoyed in a swinging seat or a hammock. The overhanging rafters offer just enough sunlight to filter through to cultivate plants, but not so much heat that you can’t have your family or friends over for an impromptu summer barbecue. Explore more picket top patio covers — and picket top fences to match! — by visiting the AG Vinyl gallery online now.

Louvered Top Patio Covers

If traditional decor doesn’t fit your fancy, you can create a more modern look for your patio by installing a louvered roof feature. Also found in areas like pools, hot tubs, and even pergolas, the versatility of a louvered patio cover is the product of its aesthetic and functional design.

Louvered top patio covers are more dynamic than traditional shade structures; they can be open and closed much like window blinds, so depending on the weather or the occasion, you can open up your porch to the sky or shield it from the harsh rays of a particularly hot summer’s day. Your real estate representative will be excited to know you have an outdoor patio, but they’ll be ecstatic when you broach the idea of an overhead accent like a louvered top. 

Comfort Shade Patio Covers

Arguably the only criticism people have about the weather in Anaheim and Southern California is the intense heat that inevitably arises each summer. The air is frustratingly dry and hot despite the nearby Pacific, but that doesn’t mean Orange County residents shouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the beauty of summertime outdoors in the solace of their own home. Fortunately, there’s no sacrifice to be made — only property value to gain — when you opt for a comfort shade patio cover! 

At AG Vinyl, all of our comfort shade patio covers are custom-designed to suit the temperature needs of your location as well as your personal design preferences. You can enjoy the great outdoors all summer long without overheating by adding one of these practical yet oh-so-impressive structures to your patio. 

Ready to Sell Your Home? Work With A Property Enhancement Expert!

There’s no time like the present to market your for-sale home. A buyer’s market is designed to disappear before you know it, and since it’s not always easy to sell in a place like Anaheim, there’s no harm in considering potential improvements that can be easily and affordably incorporated into your listed living unit. 


To learn how easy and cost-effective a patio cover or outdoor enhancement can be to your property value, simply contact the AG Vinyl Fencing team today! We do so much more than your standard garden gates — that’s why we’re one of Anaheim’s top-rated contractors. Chat with us today and we’ll be more than thrilled to give you a quote for a project on your SoCal property.

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