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Picket fences add a charm to your home or office that can be hard to describe. Aside from being a part of the American dream, vinyl picket fences add beauty and function to your outdoor spaces. As you can imagine, the level top vinyl fencing is characterized by level tops so both the pickets and the posts all are the same height. The leveled top pickets are most commonly used for gardens and driveways. Our vinyl fencing company in Anaheim offers these in many heights and widths to add style, comfort, and poise to your home or office. Contact us to get started today.

Level top vinyl fencing allows for complete customization of your home or office space. Typical heights of level top vinyl fencing are 3’, 3 ½’ and 4’, but nearly any height is available because we fabricate all of our vinyl fencing materials in-house. Level top vinyl fencing is useful for defining your property's boundaries and keeping animals and kids inside your yard. Get a free quote today.

The idea of the white picket fence came from colonial times where homeowners would paint their picket fences to match their homes (which were white). This style of vinyl fencing works well by itself or with another fencing material, such as brick or concrete. Learn about all of your vinyl fencing options from A G Vinyl Fencing. Call today

Photos of Closed Top Picket Fence Installations

Browse photos of closed top picket fence installations by AG Vinyl Fencing. Contact us at (833) 248-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to see more photos


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