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A G Vinyl Fencing takes pride in the fact that we offer a variety of vinyl fencing types for Anaheim-area homeowners and businesses. Our closed top picket vinyl fences are a great choice for those who would want the fencing to be seen through both sides. This vinyl fencing features gaps in between the pickets, and the top of this fencing has a vinyl cover instead of points. The tops of the vinyl fence posts have decorative caps that serve to break the pickets into sections and are usually a bit taller than their neighboring pickets. Top picket vinyl fences are usually used for front yards, side yard dividers, dog runs, and pools. Learn more today!

Closed top vinyl fencing offers many benefits for Anaheim homeowners and businesses. Vinyl fencing requires very little maintenance, is easy to clean, and doesn't rust. It is durable, easy to install, and looks great. Closed to vinyl fencing is built to last, so you'll have a beautiful fence for years to come. Plus,vinyl fencing is not just comfortable for you, but also safe for kids and animals.

Our vinyl fencing company manufactures all of our vinyl fencing in-house so nearly any height of fence is available. Plus, you can choose different closed picket sizes and spacing in various vinyl colors to further customize the look. Closed top vinyl fencing is attractive and can make your Anaheim home or business stand out from the crowd. It can add curb appeal and help increase the value of your property. Learn more today.

Photos of Closed Top Picket Fence Installations

Browse photos of closed top picket fence installations by AG Vinyl Fencing. Contact us at (833) 248-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to see more photos

Quality Vinyl Products made in the USA

Many vinyl builders and contractors will try to bring down their price or up their profit margins by using low cost, inferior quality building materials and tools, leaving you none the wiser.

At AG Vinyl Fencing, we only use the highest-quality materials to ensure a lasting solution. They are all supplied by Homeland Vinyl Products, which for over 10 years has been the most successful vinyl supplying company in the US. Whether you choose closed top vinyl picket fencing or one of our other vinyl fencing styles, you can rest assured that you're getting a beautiful fence built to last. Call for a free quote for your vinyl fencing project today!