5 Creative Vinyl Fence Decorating Ideas

vinyl fence decorating ideas

The phrase “good fences make good neighbors” is often attributed to Robert Frost in his 1914 poem “The Mending Wall”. But good fences can do so much more than that. A good fence is a source of privacy and security for your yard.

A fence can also be a source of great creativity that adds character to your home’s aesthetic. Vinyl fences are especially popular types of fencing because of their low maintenance and durability of up to 25-30 years.

If you’re thinking about installing a fence or remodeling your old one, you may be looking for some vinyl fence decorating ideas to add an extra touch of style to your property. Keep reading below to discover 5 creative vinyl fence decorating ideas you can use to spruce up your home’s exterior.

1. Putting Up Inspiring Quote Signs

Your backyard is supposed to be your refuge. The place you go when you want to relax, unwind, and escape from the stress of the world outside. You want to create a space that is safe but also inspiring.

Inspirational quote signs aren’t just for hanging up inside your home. They’re also creative vinyl fence decorating ideas for the backyard as well. The right types of signs can help lift you up when you’ve had a bad day and motivate you.

Bringing inspirational home decorations into the backyard to hang on your vinyl fence will allow you to turn your outdoor space into a peaceful oasis quickly and easily. This is especially helpful if you use your backyard as an outdoor yoga studio or meditation space.

For example, you can hang up motivational signs that tie into the nature or outdoor backyard theme, such as “Grow Where You Are Planted” or Live Life in Full Bloom.”

2. Upcycling Old Tires

An estimated 300 million scrap tires are generated each year in the U.S. Many of these tires will end up sitting in landfills endlessly if they are not recycled. With an increasingly eco-conscious focus, it is now more important than ever to find ways to recycle or repurpose these discarded objects.

That’s why upcycling tires for your backyard allows you to set your sights on more environmentally friendly outdoor home decorations. You’ve probably heard of using tires for flower beds and planters on the ground, but what about hanging planters on your vinyl fence?

Using a painted tire as a hanging planter makes for eclectic vinyl fence decorating ideas. You can even paint them in bold hues to add a splash of color to an otherwise plain fence.

Use chain, rope, or oversized wreath hooks to hang them from the fence vertically or hang them horizontally with a three-chain basket hanger. As a bonus idea, you can even make them into birdfeeders or birdbaths.

3. Hanging Old Mirrors and Picture Frames

Looking for more interesting and creative vinyl fence decorating ideas? You can easily jazz your vinyl fences up by hanging up old picture frames and mirrors in your backyard.

Use mirrors and picture frames of various sizes. You should also try to hang them at different heights for an imaginative decorating motif. You can also hang them on one central part of the fence or spread them out across the yard.

Believe it or not, using mirrors in your outdoor space can actually make it appear larger than it is. This is an interesting hack that tricks the eye into perceiving things differently. It’s particularly useful around sitting areas and lush garden spaces.

If you don’t want to use personal picture frames and mirrors from your own collection of home decorations, you can find frames and mirrors at a home decor store. You can also find whimsical and interesting designs and styles for next to nothing at antique markets and secondhand stores.

4. Incorporating Fence Lighting

Lighting is an important element in enhancing your home’s exterior. Lighting structures are creative yet practical vinyl fence decorating ideas. Not only will this enhance your home for entertaining, but it will also increase security at night.

A well-illuminated backyard is essential for hosting backyard events, like summer soirees that go well into the warm summer nights. It can also allow you to better see potential threats like suspicious individuals or wild animals.

If you want to change the colors in the lights, you can buy color-change LEDs that cycle and change colors automatically or with the push of a remote button. There are also built-in motion-activated sensors that turn the lights on as soon as any motion is detected.

You can find wireless and solar lighting options that fit right into the fence’s existing structure. Like your vinyl fencing, these structures are sturdy and weatherproof so they will be long-lasting components of your home’s exterior.

5. Natural Vinyl Fence Decorating Ideas

If you’re not a fan of manufactured vinyl fence decorating ideas, consider going for a natural touch instead. Many varieties of plants and flowers can be taught to naturally bloom and grow upwards to give the appearance of climbing the surface of the vinyl fence. Brightly accented flowering vines also offer vinyl fence options a splash of vibrant natural coloring.

There are numerous species of green ivy plants to choose from, such as Boston Ivy, English Ivy, Virginia Creeper, and Creeping Charlie Ivy. However, if you’re looking for more color, you can choose from flowering vine plants like Bougainvillea, Wisteria, Morning Glory, and Climbing Hydrangea. These options vary based on your geographical location and climate.

This will depend on the types of fencing styles you choose as well. Natural ivy will be able to wrap around and climb the slats of a picket fence style better than a closed privacy fence structure. With a privacy fence, you may have to utilize a trellis structure to train the ivy to climb.

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These are just a few of the vinyl fence decorating ideas you can use to add color and character to your fences. With the durability and low maintenance of vinyl fencing options, professionally installing a fence is a smart idea to enhance your home.

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