Transform Your Yard with These Popular Vinyl Fence Styles

vinyl fence styles

The average American suburb is the picture of idealism. The nicely manicured yard, the sounds of children playing, and of course, the white picket fences.

A residential fence can help improve security and give peace of mind to households with pets and small children playing in the yard. A fence can also dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal.

Studies have shown that installing a fence can even increase property values by as much as 10%. Vinyl fences, in particular, are popular types of fences with a variety of vinyl fence styles to choose from. A vinyl fence also needs very little maintenance and upkeep to stay looking its best.

Vinyl fences cost, on average, between $2,200 to $6,100 for professional installation, but it can be well worth the cost long-term. This number can also vary based on the color, length, height, and vinyl fence styles you choose.

To learn about vinyl fence styles and fencing options, keep reading below for more helpful information.

Two-Rail Vinyl Fence

Two-rail vinyl fence styles are about as simple as they come. These types of fences are reminiscent of an idyllic stretch of road you’d see driving through the countryside. Although the split-rail style doesn’t provide much security or privacy, it can still be a gorgeous accent fence for some home designs.

There are also three-rail vinyl fencing options that add another rail to the simple design. If your home is in the countryside or you just want to add a touch of country living to your suburban homestead, these straightforward and minimalistic designs are sure to please.

Tapered Vinyl Fence

Tapered vinyl fences, also known as transitional privacy fences, are unique vinyl fence styles for certain. These distinct fencing options purposely have areas of the fence that are drastically different heights. For example, it could start as high as 6 ft. tall on one end and taper down to 3 ft. in another area.

The visual result of this can either look like a slope or a grade in the fence itself. Some homeowners may utilize these fence styles if their property is actually on a hillside or a slanted piece of property. However, when used on flat land, it creates an interesting artistic shift from one area to another.

Privacy Fence

If you’re the kind of homeowner who likes to keep to themselves, privacy fencing options are the way to go. A privacy fence comes in a variety of different vinyl fence styles and heights. You can have a fully obscured privacy fence or a semi-private fence, depending on your preferences.

Average privacy fence heights range between 4-6 ft. A 4 ft. privacy fence offers moderate privacy, though some homeowners may build smaller privacy fences on top of existing structures like a partial brick wall. It’s important to note that most residential fences cannot be over 6 ft. high.

Lattice Vinyl Fence

A lattice vinyl fence is one of the more modern types of vinyl fence styles available. It provides an intricate and eye-catching style through a series of narrow, criss-crossed diagonal rails. This provides a secure yet decorative boundary with only small square spaces between to let light pass through.

Lattice vinyl fencing options also have equally spaced fence posts to add to the overall visual aesthetic. A lattice fence is ideal for adding natural decorating touches, such as climbing ivy on the exterior. This charming vinyl fence style is sure to help elevate your home’s curb appeal.

Vinyl Fence With a Lattice Top

If you don’t want to go full lattice work on your vinyl fence design, vinyl fences with lattice tops are a great alternative to these vinyl fence styles. They feature closed vertical vinyl panels with no spaces in between for improved privacy. At the top of the fence, there is a decorative section with a small lattice design.

These types of fences are a good compromise for those who want substance with a little style. They keep prying eyes off of your private property. Meanwhile, the lattice structure still offers a small visual payoff.

Basketweave Vinyl Fence

Basketweave vinyl fence styles are sleek and contemporary designs that will accentuate newer home builds. The distinctive styling of the basketweave vinyl fence incorporates long horizontal rails interspersed with alternating curved rails. This gives the appearance of a woven effect that mimics a basket.

It is considered to be a semi-privacy fence because it has thin horizontal openings between the rails. However, it offers a very eclectic look that distinguishes a home from all of the others on the street. These types of fences throw the traditional residential fence for a loop and bring a whimsical touch.

Vinyl Picket Fence

Of course, how could we possibly forget the iconic white vinyl picket fence, as previously mentioned in our introduction? These timeless vinyl fence styles are a must for traditionalists in home design. They’re clean and simplistic fencing options that add a touch of class to the property surrounding your humble abode.

The vinyl picket fence is as American as apple pie with its two horizontal rails and lines of vertical pickets. You’d expect the Cleaver family themselves to step out from behind the front door.

But while it looks simple and effortless with its evenly spaced and perfectly lined-up rails, it still gives you all of the durability and longevity you’d expect from a vinyl fence.

Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence

The Scalloped Vinyl Picket Fence is a different take on traditional picket vinyl fence styles. It uses pickets of various heights, starting with higher points at the ends and lower points in the middle. The result is a slightly curved effect between posts.

The pickets are also often pointed rather than rounded or capped. Scalloped picket fence styles still make for a pleasant residential fence design. It offers a quaint visual concept that is pleasing to the eye.

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Of all the different types of fences, a vinyl fence can’t be beaten. When it comes to vinyl fences, nothing is more versatile, more stylish, or more durable. If you’re looking for the right vinyl fence styles to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, turn to AG Vinyl Fencing Inc.

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