4 Misconceptions About Vinyl Fencing

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If you own a home in Southern California, a fence can be a great way to elevate the look of your yard while giving you some much needed privacy from neighbors and passersby. Vinyl fencing is a great material to use for the job, but many homeowners still remain hesitant about it. That’s why A G Vinyl Fencing is here to dispel four common misconceptions about vinyl fencing and show you why it’s perfect for your yard!

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Myth #1: Vinyl Fencing Is Not as Strong as Wood Fencing

This is simply untrue. In fact, vinyl fencing is typically much stronger and more durable than wood fencing. Due to the resilient PVC material that vinyl fencing is composed of, it can withstand severe weather conditions and run ins with the lawnmower much better than wood is able to. Plus, vinyl fencing is resistant to rot and decay, unlike wood.

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Myth #2: Vinyl Fencing Cannot Be Repaired

Even though our vinyl fences are impressively robust, occasionally they might suffer light damages due to everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, vinyl fencing can easily be repaired or replaced as needed, with no need to redo the entire fence. If your vinyl fence in Southern California is in need of repair, contact one of our vinyl experts to schedule an inspection!

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Myth #3: Vinyl Fencing Is More Expensive Than Wood Fencing

At A G Vinyl Fencing, we make vinyl fence installations fast, easy, and affordable to start. Not only that, but vinyl fencing is generally more cost-effective than wood in the long run, since it won’t need to be repaired or replaced nearly as frequently.

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Myth #4: Vinyl Fencing Is Not as Attractive as Wood Fencing

While vinyl fencing will almost always look distinct from wood, we offer dozens of design options that can help you customize your vinyl fence to look exactly the way you want. You can pick the architectural style, the color, and even vinyl gates and railings to match!

With this newfound knowledge in mind, we hope you feel more confident about your choice to install a vinyl fence in Orange County. For more information, or to get started on your project, get in touch with A G Vinyl Fencing today!

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