How Long Will a Vinyl Fence Last?

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If you’re searching for the perfect fence for your home, A G Vinyl Fencing Inc. suggests selecting a vinyl fence. There are many benefits to this type of fence, including its low maintenance and the security it provides your family. One of the best benefits, though, is that it’s durable and can last for several decades. Today, we’ll discuss the longevity of a vinyl fence installation so you can determine whether it’s right for your home.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy?

The average vinyl fence can last between 20 and 30 years. We suggest referring to the manufacturer’s warranty of the one you choose for specific details. Of course, there are influences, such as the environment or weather, that can affect the fencing’s life expectancy. However, in Anaheim, you don’t have to worry about harsh, extreme conditions that would damage your fence.

Why Do Vinyl Fences Last So Long?

You may wonder what makes vinyl fences long-lasting. To put it simply, it’s the material used to create them. Vinyl is naturally strong, flexible, and durable, so it holds up much longer than other materials used in fencing. Plus, because it’s low maintenance, it doesn’t take homeowners too much effort to take care of.

Can You Make Vinyl Fencing Last Even Longer?

As you learned, a vinyl fencing installation can last up to 30 years, depending on the one you choose. That’s often guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty upon the installation.  But if you maintain it properly, it could last even longer! Maintenance is simple — just clean with water or mild soap as needed.

Is a Vinyl Fence Worth It?

So, should you get vinyl fencing installed around your home? If you want to get the best bang for your buck and enjoy a high-quality, low-maintenance fence, it’s certainly worth it! A vinyl fence is more affordable and easier to care for than other types of fences.

Choose vinyl fencing if you want a great fence that will last. Contact A G Vinyl Fencing in Anaheim, CA to schedule your consultation today!

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