A Buyer’s Guide to Vinyl Fencing

A Buyer's Guide to Vinyl Fencing

From keeping you and your family safe to simply creating a property line, your fencing is used to create a great space for you to enjoy all year long. At AG Vinyl Fencing in Anaheim, California, we create vinyl fencing products to help you design and build the perfect dream property. If you are considering buying and installing vinyl fencing for your home, here is a guide to help you make the best decisions possible! Check out our collection of vinyl fencing and other vinyl options today!

A white vinyl fence going up a small hill

How Much Does it Cost?

Vinyl fencing is very affordable when compared with wood fencing. In fact, while wood can cost anywhere between two and ten dollars per picket while vinyl fencing (depending on what kind of fencing you prefer) costs from two to six dollar per picket. If you are looking for affordable fencing, vinyl fencing is a great option!

Premium-quality vinyl fencing.

What Colors Can I Choose From?

You have likely seen white vinyl fencing as this tends to be the most common color chosen by our clients. However, vinyl fencing is an extremely versatile material and can be created to copy a wood fence in many different colors. For more information about our vinyl fencing options, reach out to AG Vinyl Fencing today!

A white vinyl fence above a flat garage

Different Types of Vinyl Fencing

From standard picket fencing to wall toppers and even a wide variety of alternative styles, there are a ton of different types of vinyl fencing. As a vinyl fence company committed to providing some of the best fencing in California, we provide a huge variety of fencing options so you can find the perfect vinyl fencing for your home!

Vinyl fencing after installation

The Installation Process

At AG Vinyl Fencing, we specialize in reliable vinyl fencing installation to help protect your home and help it to look its best. Our installation process typically takes around one to four days and is protected by our seven-year warranty! We protect our work so that you can trust it gets done right the first time.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, AG Vinyl Fencing is committed to providing our clients with some of the best services in California. Whether you are looking for a privacy fence or just something to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, you can trust us to take great care of you and your home. Get started with AG Vinyl Fencing today!

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