4 Ways to Decorate Near Your Vinyl Fence

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At AG Vinyl Fencing, our mission is to be the team you turn to for vinyl fence installation. Whether your goal is to increase the privacy around your home, improve your curb appeal, or create a cozy oasis, vinyl fencing is a tried-and-true solution. In today’s post, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips for decorating near your vinyl fence, so keep reading to learn more or reach out for a quote on your own white vinyl fence today!

Add Shrubs

One of the best ways to offset the white of your vinyl fencing is with some colorful shrubs. Opt for a ninebark shrub to get some beautiful purple contrast, or go with the California-native flannelbush for year-round green color.

Try Vining Plants

There’s nothing quite as visually appealing as a vining plant crawling up your fence. California honeysuckle is sure to please, but other options include clematis, dutchman’s pipe, and morning glory — all of which are available in a variety of colors to suit your tastes.

Consider Lighting

If you want to use your outdoor space during the night, hanging elegant lighting on your vinyl fence is the perfect way to add to the atmosphere. With many options available, there’s something to make any outdoor space come alive.

Plant Decorative Grasses

Looking for an easy, hands-off way to add some visual appeal to your outdoor space? Try planting native decorative grasses in front of your white vinyl fence at spaced intervals. You’ll love the contrast of colors — and grasses are simple to maintain.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons to love white vinyl fencing, including their durability and looks. If you’d like to complement their good looks, we hope you’ll try one of our suggestions above. In need of vinyl fence installation for your outdoor space? Contact us today!

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