4 Reasons to Share the Cost of a Vinyl Fence With Your Neighbors

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Whether your home is freshly-built and just needs a fence for the final touch, your current fence needs replacing, or anything in between, A G Vinyl Fencing in Anaheim is here to help. Vinyl fences are durable, look great, and can offer practical value to your home. But, it’s possible that you may not have to pay for your vinyl fence installation on your own. Afterall, most of the time you have a neighbor who will get just as much value out of vinyl fence installation as you will! Keep reading to learn a few reasons why you should consider sharing the cost of a vinyl fence with your neighbor and feel free to reach out to us at A G Vinyl Fencing today.

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Cut Costs

Perhaps the most obvious reason to share the cost of vinyl fence installation is that it will save you money! If you and your neighbor go in 50/50, it literally cuts the cost of your fence in half. And, even after the vinyl fence installation is said and done, you’ll continue to save money into the future since you’ll likely be splitting any future maintenance or repair costs as well. 

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Spring For Higher Quality

On the topic of saving money, splitting the cost of vinyl fence installation for your neighbor enables you to get a higher quality fence. If you already budgeted the money to pay for it all yourself, that same amount of money can go much further if your neighbor is matching your contribution. You can decide amongst yourselves if you’d like to pocket the savings or spring for a more premium-quality fence!

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Build a Friendly Relationship

Other than the monetary benefits, there are some great social benefits to sharing the cost of vinyl fence installation with your neighbor. You may already have built a relationship with your next-door neighbor — and if you have, that’s great! But, more commonly, people don’t always know their neighbors beyond the occasional friendly wave. Working together to share the cost of a fence can create a more friendly and neighborly relationship with the folks living right next door.

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No Disagreements

It’s also worth mentioning that working together with your neighbors for vinyl fence installation can help ensure there are no future issues or disagreements over the fence/property line. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for there to be unfriendly disputes with neighbors over the placement of a fence that only one party was involved with placing.

Are you and your neighbor ready to go in on a vinyl fence installation together? Reach out to A G Vinyl Fencing in Anaheim today to get started!

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