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Scalloped top vinyl fencing is vinyl fencing where the height of the pickets steadily decrease to a point in the middle of the panel section and then slowly rise again to the next post. This is a very popular architectural detail amongst Anaheim homeowners and business owners alike. Get your free quote today!

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Scalloped top vinyl fencing is popular as a privacy fence. It offers the homeowner or business owner security, peace of mind, and low maintenance at an affordable price. It keeps what you want inside the fence (kids and animals) and unwanted guests and pests out. Plus, privacy fencing adds curb appeal and appeals to prospective buyers. Call our vinyl fencing company in Anaheim today.

Scalloped top vinyl fencing is a very lightweight material, but is sturdy and durable. It comes in many different colors to customize your look. You can add custom post tops, too. Vinyl fencing is not subject to rot and is great for all types of weather environments. It's termite-proof and repairs are few and far between. If you are looking for a very low maintenance, affordable fencing, consider scalloped top vinyl fencing from A G vinyl fencing in Anaheim today.

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