Mixed | Custom Patio Covers

Mixed and custom types of patios are very popular and the main reason for it is that it's very nice to have the picture in your head standing in front of you and we can guarantee that in most of the cases that will be the outcome. We also offer you a mix of patio covers, such as half of the patio cover is a heavy-duty insulated panel and the other half a picket patio cover.

Whatever you have in mind, we can build and install a one-of-a-kind mixed patio cover to meet the demands of a specific custom application while ensuring the final product is up to code.

Photos of Mixed or Custom Vinyl Patio Installations

Browse photos of Mixed Vinyl Patio installations by AG Vinyl Fencing. Contact us at (833) 248 4695 or visit any of our showrooms to see more photos.

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Many builders and contractors will try to bring down their price or up their profit margins by using low cost, inferior quality building materials and tools, leaving you none the wiser.

At AG Vinyl Fencing we only use the highest quality materials to ensure a lasting solution. They are all supplied by Homeland Vinyl Products, which for over 10 years was the most successful Vinyl supplying company in the US.